My Royal Tips

My Top 10 Tips to planning the best Disney Destination vacation ever!

1. Stay on-site whenever possible!

2. Utilize a reputable Travel Agent, I’d be happy to recommend one!

3. If booking through Disney or if your Travel Agent doesn’t offer itinerary planning, I would be happy to help customize one for you!

4. Plan, plan, plan. Trust me, you’ll be happier at Disney with a plan than if you wing it.

5. If you are visiting Disneyland Resort, plan for at least 3 park days. If you are visiting Walt Disney World Resort, plan for at least 5.

6. If you are visiting for a week, build in a day or two for rest. Go relax by the pool, visit Disney Springs, or resort hop! Whatever brings you rest, do that! Your feet will thank you!

7. Speaking of feet, bring quality socks and well worn in shoes and at least 2 pair so you can switch off every other day. Also, bring whatever you use to treat blisters, in case they happen!

8. Pack ponchos, they are expensive in the parks and you will use them at least once during your trip! Florida is known for an afternoon downpour, plus they come in handy on rides that you are guaranteed to get soaked on, like Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

9. I love these handy  Knock Knock Pack This!   packing lists! I use one for each one of us and it helps me not to forget the essentials!

10. Look at your Disney Vacation as an adventure, not really a vacation. Most likely there will not be a lot of rest on this trip, but there will be tons of opportunities to have fun and make memories! If you go in with that mind-set, you are less likely to be disappointed when you come home more tired than when you left.

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