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Hi there, I’m Lisa, the DisTripQueen! There are TONS, THOUSANDS, MAYBE BILLIONS, ok, a lot of resources to turn to when you are researching Disney Destination vacations. Because of that, I am SO thrilled that you found my blog during your search! Before I tell you about who I am, let me first tell you about who I am not. I am not here to sell you anything, or offer opinions or advice that I don’t 100% believe deep down in my Disney loving heart! I give it to you straight, no filter, no bias and certainly for no significant financial gain. If you read it here, it’s because I genuinely believe it, have experienced it for myself, or have inside knowledge of it, no exceptions!

With that said, here’s a little info about me! I am a wife of 21 years, a mom to two lovely girls, ages 29 and 15, and a dog mom to the cutest Mini Schnauzer brothers you’ve ever seen! (Seriously, find me on the gram, you’ll see!) I currently reside in the great state of Maryland, I am a portrait, landscape & fine art photographer, a Haunted Mansion enthusiast and I LOVE TO VACATION at Walt Disney World Resort! I have over 20 years of Disney vacationing experience, staying in various levels of accommodations both on and off-site. I’ve also sailed with Disney Cruise Line on three occasions and most recently, I headed across the country to visit Disneyland as well. From spending my honeymoon at WDW in 1998, to spending my 40th birthday there too, we have celebrated a lot of family milestones with Mickey Mouse! And because of our love for frequenting Disney, I have learned a great deal of tips and tricks along the way to make the most of our Disney time and especially, our Disney dollar! I am an expert at planning efficient itineraries, trips on a budget, and offering advice that’ll make you want to become a Disney regular, like me!    

In addition to being a graduate of The Travel Institute and Disney’s College of Knowledge, I have also been a finalist for the Disney Parks Moms Panel, a guest blogger for a few well known Travel Agencies, and have hosted this blog since 2015. During my time blogging I’ve offered countless travel trips, written several resort and restaurant reviews and answered many online Disney travel questions as well. On top of all of that, I like to “stay in the know” about all things Disney, and I bring that knowledge right back here to you!    

So, whether you’re visiting this blog for tips on planning your next Disney vacation, are looking for someone to help answer your Disney travel questions, or assist you in itinerary planning, welcome! I am so happy you found me! In addition to offering customized itinerary planning for guests and travel agencies, I love writing about my Disney experiences here, and I am happy to answer any questions you might have so feel free to contact me via this link anytime!

Thanks again for stopping by DisTripQueen! And don’t forget to sign up to receive future blog posts and like my Facebook Page for tips of the day!

See ya real soon,



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