If you want to start a healthy debate with Disney fans, ask them why they prefer to stay on-site at Walt Disney World Resort! Most of them are happy to tell you all of the reasons, and I am no different. However, I realize that on the surface, not everyone thinks they have the budget to afford this option.

There are several choices of where to stay when you vacation at Disney Parks. I do believe that staying on-site adds that special extra magic that seems to get lost when staying elsewhere. Starting with Magical Express transportation from the airport to your resort, to the amazing themes at each of the properties, to Cast Members and Hidden Mickey’s, I guarantee a more magical visit if you stay on-site.

However, I also believe there are many ways to make staying on-site more affordable than you may think. From choosing value seasons, to staying at value resorts or Good Neighbor resorts, to renting points from Disney Vacation Club Members- most budgets can be accommodated with some creative thinking.

On this page you will find some of my favorite resort posts, and in the future, look for more posts regarding budgeting and resort stay options. If you have a specific question in the meantime, email me here.

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