Hi Readers- Disney Adventure Post 2

Photo Credit: disneyvacationclub.disney.go.com
Photo Credit: disneyvacationclub.disney.go.com

Hi readers- I am back from a week long Walt Disney World Resort vacation and I have many blog post topics to write about! Here is one that might surprise you though:

What Happens When a Disney Trip Goes Wrong!

That’s right, even the best of us with tons of Disney enthusiasm, loads of trip planning knowledge and who keep pixie dust on stand-by have a trip we remember as less than stellar. After processing the week I have however come to this conclusion- having a less than stellar trip helps us to relate and therefore communicate with the “Disney Nay- Sayers” in our lives! Oh you know who they are, they question “why we are you going to Disney again” and “really, you love Disney that much, I just don’t get it?” Well, there were a few times last week even I was a Disney doubter. But at least now I know some of the foundation of their feelings. Hopefully because of that I will be able to identify with them a bit more and be better prepared to offer some counter points. (Not that I will ever agree with them mind you, but sometimes people just need to know you understand them. So I get it a little more now, that is progress!)

The tale of trouble began with a story, but not in a land far, far away- instead it began at home, with a horror story that played out over much of the week long vacation! It was a battle of good (my 11 year old princess) verses the ugly, evil, unrelenting, nearly impossible to defeat vile creature otherwise known as “the stomach bug.”  Just a few hours prior to departure we found ourselves on the phone with our pediatrician and then our travel agent, not discussing packing tips mind you, but the fact that we didn’t get trip insurance and the cost of changing flights was astronomical! Short story, I decided to go with my older princess and the King and little one would join us in a day or two. Surely, she would be all better by then! Except that evil creature had no intention of providing a happy ending for our family, he battled my Princess and then the King for the entire week, leaving two of us at Disney and two of us at home. Not a stellar way to begin a Disney vacation, am I right?

Once we realized we would be missing two of our family members for the entire week, all flights returning home were full. That was a tough blow. So after some discussing and decision making I decided, like any good Disney enthusiast would do, to enjoy the company of my older Princess and take on Disney World as a duo! We would make the best of it and that we did!

I will say though, I was a bit more emotionally exhausted during this trip than ever before. And being the adult responsible for all the plans, dining reservations, fastpasses  and basic logistics of travel, it is not the best time to be “emotionally exhausted.” The crowds seemed to bother me a little more this time. The noise levels at the end of the day left me a bit frazzled. And the expectations of a “perfect vacation” were shattered before the trip really even began! When vacation ended, I was ready for a vacation and I had never really understood people saying that before!

All in all though, we were able to make the best of things and create some pretty awesome memories as a duo! And as the week unfolded, I jotted down some great ideas for blog posts and realized this was an amazing learning opportunity for me. I was able to come up with ways to enjoy the week in less than ideal circumstances and perhaps my advice might benefit others. Because guess what, odds are, things go wrong now and then, that is real life.

“Life is composed of lights and shadows, and we would be untruthful, insincere, and saccharine if we tried to pretend there were no shadows.” Walt Disney

So I hope dear reader, you will be anxiously awaiting the plethora of blog posts headed your way! And as always, if you need some trip planning advice or have any questions about Walt Disney World Resort, email me at distripqueen@gmail.com.

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